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Month: July 2012

Lyric of the Day: “True Romance”

True Romance by Motion City Soundtrack “I’m pathetic, overly apologetic- I’m a tightrope tragedy. You’re chicken little, I’m the monkey in the middle- There is something wrong with me.” Stoked for the show in November, I’ve been listening to Motion City Soundtrack’s new album Go. The second single True Romance is definitely a track which… Read More ›

Bombay Bicycle Club: Concert Review, Interviews & Photos!

“You’re a layer of my clothes, made of ivy and gold.” A wonderful show occurred last night. Opening for Sam Robert’s Band, Bombay Bicycle Club @ Echo Beach rocked their set. It was here at this beachy and relaxing venue that Bombay made the crowd dance and have fun while listening to the tunes of… Read More ›

Bombay Bicycle Club @ Echo Beach

Lyric of the Day: “Tonight (We’re Taking Our Own Lives)”

Tonight (We’re Taking Our Own Lives) by Lovelife “Why have I been wasting my time dreaming, when I could have lived?”   The duo who have been playing gigs in New York recently released a new and extremely funky track. With the definitive bassline, smooth vocals and memorable melody, Lee Newell and Ally Young of… Read More ›

Lyric of the Day: “Magic Fountain”

Magic Fountain by Art vs Science “And so it was some motley crew who found it in the night, one of them a lunatic told me of his plight. One dived to the left of him, two went to the right. But he remained- he said he saw, he said he saw the light.  And… Read More ›

“Jack Steadman” from Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club are my biggest inspiration and favourite band. After seeing them for the fourth time at The Phoenix in TO, and having the surreal experience of meeting them a couple of times, I was inspired to create a sketch of Jack. My family and I are seeing BBC for the fifth time this… Read More ›

Lyric of the Day: “Sappho”

Sappho by Tribes “How do you tell a child that there’s no God up in the sky, and it’s all a lie, so twisted and bruised? How do you tell a son that his daddy left his mum when she fell in love, with a girl like you?” This is a great lyric which represents… Read More ›

Monday, July 23rd, 2012: Beach Playlist

Looking for some cool tunes to hear while you’re down at the beach? Or for when you’re swimming and don’t want to get out of the pool to change a track? Well think no more! Here’s a list of some great beach tunes which will get you in the mood for swimming… and dancing! Howler-… Read More ›

Lyric of the Day: “Run Rabbit Run”

Run Rabbit Run by The Hoosiers “I saw a fox by the rabbit hole, you saw a prince from a fairytale. He promised that he’d watch over you, turned out to be the fox we all knew. Too good to be true, what chance did you stand? Take flight, turn tail, get out while you… Read More ›

Radlands by Mystery Jets

“Radlands” Mystery Jets Recording their newest album in Austin, Texas gave the perfect feel for this album. Blaine Harrison, the lead vocalist of Mystery Jets mentioned how Radlands is a concept album. If it is listened to in track sequence, a story of a young man unfolds. Mystery Jets have created a three volume comic… Read More ›