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You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Shift”

Shift by Grizzly Bear

As their September 26th show at Massey Hall quickly approaches and my excitement heightens, I thought it all too appropriate to share the wonders of Grizzly Bear. When attempting to select a song, the decision was difficult, but I landed on a favourite off their debut album that can transport you, whether you go with the classic, the alternate version, the remixes, or the take away.

Grizzly Bear’s Shift off Horn of Plenty was released back in 2004, but that doesn’t mean the song has lost its steam. It starts by lulling you into a state of transience, the type of song that you can lose yourself only to wake up somewhere else and wonder where your head has been for those two minutes and nine seconds. Although a short song of only seven lines, there is no shortage of musical layering. The melody is slow but builds, and the harmonies are eerie but delightful. The repetition of “I wouldn’t have it any other way” is a very accurate descriptor of my feelings towards this song.

If the classic doesn’t suit your taste, then check out their Horn of Plenty (the remixes) for the ‘son’ and ‘Circlesquare’ versions. Or, if you’re daring enough to take a trip into a Parisian bathroom, then check out Grizzy Bear’s Take Away Show where the members cram into a Paris washroom. Doesn’t sound too appealing? Trust me, you’ll change your mind once you see how makeshift instruments and powerful harmonies radiate in the acoustics of that little space. You’ve GOT to Hear This!

Nadia Kaakati


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