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NBT & AMBY’s Must Hear Submissions: #20

Hello everyone! Would just like to say that I cannot believe this is our 20th Submissions Playlist! Think about it… That’s 100 great artists we’ve been able to help bring exposure to and feature. Looking forward to the next hundred! And remember to keep submitting your music to us in order to be added onto these playlists. Cheers!


From all the wonderful submissions NEXTBiGTHING & A Music Blog, Yea? have gathered so far, here are a few to check out! Be sure to contact us to see your band here soon too!

Submissions #20Band: Cold Fields
Track We Really Dig: What of that Man?

Band: mylittlebrother
Track We Really Dig: Hey Stethoscope

Band: The Generals
Track We Really Dig:
Beat the Sun

Band: The Remedy
Track We Really Dig: Two Left Feet

Band: Welcome Pariah
Track We Really Dig: Liberty Pill

Attention All Unsigned Artists: Tom Clarke Talks NBT Project & Submissions
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To hear all the other brilliant submissions, click here.

Alicia Atout


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  1. Heys guys we’ve finally got our website up and running… Please check it out… We are currently in the middle of recording new material but our older stuff is on there.. Just looking for that break :D… Enjoy

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