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Month: February 2013

You’ve GOT to Hear This: “The Boondock Hippy”

Every kid who dares to dream of one day being a star, Never stifle such a wish, if anything raise the bar It’s therapy, it’s stress relief, it’s all these things and more So come on kid and play a song to make this hippy smile  – Just Me and My Guitar, The Boondock Hippy… Read More ›

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Glass Child

Charlotte Eriksson aka The Glass Child is a wonderfully talented singer and songwriter. Now living in London, this Swedish transport has already amassed a legion of fans and critical acclaim. Having just released her debut record, I’d Like To Remain A Mystery, The Glass Child spoke to AMBY about the song Stay, her new book… Read More ›

Getting Cozy With… Turrentine Jones!

As people, Turrentine Jones are a study in contrasts: I consider myself gruff and guardedly wry, while drummer Rich Watts is more voluble and outwardly enthusiastic. Thomas Scotson, our Hammond organ player is from Finland… we’re all from different countries actually. Together we make up a sound that has likened us to The Animals and… Read More ›

EXCLUSIVE: Underwater Picnic Interview & Review

Atlas EP Review & Underwater Picnic Interview Fresh, upbeat, and spanking new! Underwater Picnic are set to release their debut EP Atlas on March 1st of this year. To my surprise, the band took a turn with their sound which is pretty damn refreshing.  I was very excited once this new EP got to me;… Read More ›

Song of the Day: “Forever”

Forever by NEONCITY! Our Song of the Day can be heard beneath or over on the left sidebar throughout AMBY. Enjoy! Band Links: Interview // Facebook // Twitter // Website // Alicia Atout

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Royal Canoe

The first time I heard Royal Canoe I fell in love with their whimsical music. Growing up in Winnipeg this Canadian group shares with us how their isolation influenced their unique sound, and divulged to AMBY what is to be expected out of 2013.  Have a read and learn the story about Royal Canoe’s influences,… Read More ›

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013: Endless Playlist

AMBY has gathered a humungous cornucopia of new tracks for your ears to love! So we thought, “what’s the best way to feature all of them?” In the end, we can never go wrong with a playlist! So have a listen to this new, endless playlist! (And yes, there is an actual end…) x Skeleton… Read More ›

Penned: Breakfast at Sylvia’s

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised Penned (Hand-Written Lyrics by S&D): Breakfast at Sylvia’s S&D talk about the inspirations behind their latest track Breakfast at Sylvia’s! *** This is probably one of the simplest lyrics I’ve ever written, and for several reasons I think it’s probably one of my favourites because it’s very personal… Read More ›

Passion Pit: Concert Review!

A week and a day after playing a sold out show at Madison Square Garden, Passion Pit came to Toronto’s Kool Haus for one of two Canadian shows. Despite the night’s blizzard-like conditions, the venue quickly filled with eager fans. Openers were Matt & Kim, an indie rock band from Brooklyn, probably best known for… Read More ›

Song of the Day: “We Told You Not To Go”

We Told You Not To Go by Orange Room! Our Song of the Day can be heard beneath or over on the left sidebar throughout AMBY. Enjoy! Band Links: Facebook // Twitter // Website // Getting Cozy With // Alicia Atout