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Playlisted: Quality Guaranteed

PlaylistedNo lengthy introduction with this one; just good music. It has been a while since my last playlist. In the couple of weeks since I last wrote one, so much music has been passed my way. And, it just keeps getting better and better. I’ve been amazed at the quality bands who are continuously producing tracks. It floors me! So, get your ears on these twenty-six tracks. Also, a very special thanks @TheBritalian (Martina), who was the source of nearly half this list! She is a true supporter of new music and AMBY! Thanks!

The Ramblers – Nothin’ but a Mystery
The Getsettes – Don’t You Take Her Sunshine
Kartica – Don’t You Think So?
Section 60 – Forever Now
Shoot the Rabbit – Twenty 3
The Anecdotes – Origami Waves
The Fireflys – Jenny, Play Your Guitar
The Repeat Offenders – Beg, Steal or Borrow
Rock Bottom Risers – You’ve Got a Throat, I’ve Got a Knife
Rainbird – The Only Colour I’ve Ever Known is Blue
Bang Bang Romeo – Just to See You Run
SPTFYR – Commercial Terrorist
Proud Honey – All the Things You’ve Done
Neon Rouge – Ain’t No Cab Gonna Take Me Home
The Outfits – Headspin
The High Nines – Let the World Decide
Transition, Baby! – Hot Out the Oven
Ten-79 – The Gathering
The Minx – No Friends
Mary’s Ruin – Whisky Train
A Doubtful Sound – Monster
The Rumble – Insanity
The New Ages – Alive
The Begbies – Something About Nicki
The Dusk – Reverie
The Unassisted – Hands Dance Hands

For more Playlisted, click here!

Michael Dakin // @SirMop26


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  1. Great playlist as usual, Michael! I’m glad you liked my suggestion, it really means a lot coming from such a big music lover with a very good taste in music like you, thank you a million! x

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