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You’ve GOT to Hear This: “The Dan Kelly Song”

The Dan Kelly SongThe Dan Kelly Song by Hey Geronimo

Just when you thought they couldn’t come up with anything better, they have. Hey Geronimo released The Dan Kelly Song this week for free, and you can download it on their Bandcamp page. (http://heygeronimo.bandcamp.com)

Whether you’ve heard this song live or not, there’s no denying that it’ll tickle your eardrums right from the off. Teamed with jazzy brass and top-notch 80s-computer-game style keyboarding, The Dan Kelly Song will get you singing along – even if you don’t know the words. The music takes a bit of a prime position over the vocals, being slightly louder, but gives just the right effect, pulling you into the jive.

The vocals have a very ‘live’ quality through the verses, reminiscent of a crazy fan yelling into a microphone at a baseball game… but what do you know? The Dan Kelly Song is a love song, after all. The vocals are clean for the chorus, giving it a sprightly transition into a hook that was obviously meant for sing-a-longs.

The bridge pulls out the brass section and reduces the percussion, highlighting handclaps and the presence of rhythm guitar. Lyrically, The Dan Kelly Song is amusing, storytelling, but most of all, divine – in the most summery, pop-rocking way: there’s no need to wear a sweater – certainly not, and you should come away with me next year – well, why not?

You can’t listen to it once. You’ll listen to it over and over again.

For an interview with Hey Geronimo, click here.


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