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Getting Cozy With… Kobadelta!


Oioi, lads n lasses, please let us introduce ourselves, we’re Kobadelta…

We’ve been gigging round Newcastle for a couple of years but it’s been a decent last 6 months for us, getting a few plays on BBC Radio Newcastle, supporting up and coming  psychedelic dudes Temples and generally refining our heavy blues brand of so-called “indie-psych-rock” with an added pinch of synths starting to be thrown into the mix. Check out our new single “When It Rains It Pours” for a taster…

Hopefully the rest of the year will carry on the same with new tunes bubbling along all the time – if you’re interested in catching us live, them here’s a flavour of what to expect: “Kobadelta’s Dominic Noble was everything a frontman should be. If his bold and broody Ian Curtis vocal wasn’t entertainment enough, his incessant gyrating and dry sense of humour proved to be the perfect introduction to a band that have previously been credited for having as big an on stage persona as their mammoth sound.”

Intrigued? Well we’re supporting Splashh at Newcastle’s Think Tank on May 30th, so come and watch Kobadelta and decide for yourselves…


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Alicia Atout


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