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Getting Cozy With… Aidan Logan!

Aidan LoganHi!  I’m Aidan Logan, I’m a songwriter and singer from Belfast.  I’ve been writing songs and playing guitar since I was really tiny, about 9 years old.  I try to write songs with catchy melodies and take a lot of time over my lyrics. My biggest influences are Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Jim Croce and the Bee Gees.  At the minute I’m really enjoying listening to Bruno Mars, The Killers and The Script.   I’m about to release my first single Tell Me this month and my debut E.P the month after.  Tell Me was mostly recorded in Belfast, but a section was recorded in India.  You might see me performing solo, as a two-piece or with a four-piece backing band.  Hope you enjoy the single!   Tell Me is released on 14th May and can be found on Bandcamp, itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and many more.


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