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Lyric of the Day: “Slide”

Jake BuggSlide by Jake Bugg

“I’ve got autumn leaves, and heartbreak dreams inside. You and me on this frozen sea, we slide.”

Ever since the teenager hailing from a council estate in Nottingham burst onto the scene last year, we’ve heard countless times about his particularly young age. And why not? How many 18 year olds can say they’ve had a number one album, been on the cover of the NME and toured with Noel Gallagher? Pretty impressive.

Slide, my favourite track off the record, probably displays his young age the most. What I love so much about this lyric, is that it perhaps isn’t so much his thirst for love that is driving him but his desire for the experience that comes along with love. The idea that he is after ‘heartbreak dreams’ is very indicative of why we all fell in love with this guy in the first place; he’s not about being an up-in-the-clouds, we-are-so-in-love teenager who has a a rom-com teenage life. Perhaps we don’t expect people to be after heartbreak necessarily these days, but this is his life and these are his dreams and experiences.

Ah young love…

Cultured Lad aka @aculturedlad


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