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You’ve GOT To Hear This: “Lost”

DMD2Lost by Die Mason Die

Die Mason Die is a four-piece band from London which was formed in 2012. The members are Samuel Mason, Stefan Ferguson, Dave Wade Brown and George Cramer but they are searching for a new member every now and then. When I stumbled upon their debut-song Lost, I was immediately blown away, not only because of the fabulous video, which they filmed in the north of India, but also because of the sounds and the lyrics. The lovely song is telling a sad story “All I needed was lost” but it has a good realization in the end: “I’m a man but I’m scared of going before I’m gone; I’m a man but I’m scared of falling before I’m strong”. Basically it was written about what could happen when you come home after a long time away, all the things you once needed were lost when you returned.
Anyway, this song, which was also featured on the soundtrack of the film “The Host”, makes me long for more and I really hope it moves you as much as it moves me.

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Katrin Kugler


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