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You’ve GOT To Hear This: “New York City”

Joseph HicklinNew York City by Joseph Hicklin

Joseph Hicklin is a very impressive person and musician. The young man from Walsall by Birmingham, UK, has already recorded 5 EPs, he did his first album when he was 17years old. One of my favourite songs is “New York City” from the EP “Doin’ Fine”. It is a about a trip to New York which enchanted Joseph so much that it became his favourite place and he wished he could live there with his girlfriend who he had troubles with at that time. I love the guitar sounds but when you then hear Joseph’s voice on top, you’ll get blown away immediately! He is such a huge talent and you probably won’t believe that but he hasn’t found a manager or label yet! Finding one, however, is one of his plans for 2013, the other one is playing more gigs and that’s good, because the world needs to hear him live but for a start here is his song “New York City”. You’ve Got To Hear This!

Katrin Kugler


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