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Let Me Introduce You To… Scanners

June 15, 2013

One of my new favourite tracks is “Salvation” by Scanners. Scanners? Never heard of them before? Well, then, let me introduce you to them! The band from London, England, was formed in 2004. The first album, “Violence is Golden”, which was recorded in the bedrooms of different flats as they moved around the city, was… Read More ›

My Man

Let Me Introduce You To… My Man!

It’s difficult for a band from Toronto to make a name for themselves (outside of The Big Smoke, anyway) yet My Man has done just that; carving a special place for themselves in the Toronto music scene through their use of catchy riffs and melancholic lyrics. The four piece indie-folk outfit formed after Niagara natives… Read More ›

O U I // P A R T Y

Let Me Introduce You To… O U I / / P A R T Y

O U I / / P A R T Y is the work of Toronto based musician Sean Andernacht, whose (self-proclaimed) influences range from Dinosaur Jr. to Cursive. Releases thus far include an EP titled Wax, Post-Wax [Demos], and two collections of Christmas singles—all ‘name your price’ over at their bandcamp page, and all sonically… Read More ›

Autumn Owls

Let Me Introduce You To… Autumn Owls

Indie Rock band Autumn Owls from Dublin, Ireland formed in 2007. They started with two self-released EPs in 2008, “Insomnia Lodge” and “On the Trail of the Disappearing”. Both EPs received great responses from Ireland, the UK and the US, and their song “A Thousand Blind Windows” is still being played on radio very often…. Read More ›

The Gentlemen Thieves

Let Me Introduce You To… The Gentlemen Thieves

The Gentlemen Thieves are a Toronto-based indie band who’ve released one compulsively listenable EP (Crafting Lies, 2011), a Fall Sampler (2012), and are currently working towards releasing a 7″ vinyl, Shooter. The EP’s first track, Take My Advice, kicks off with about 20 seconds of Ken Taylor (vocalist), with acoustic accompaniment, singing, “I talk in… Read More ›

Mallory Knox

Let Me Introduce You To… Mallory Knox

Here in the UK, we don’t quite know what summer is. Warm weather is a rarity, and our beaches aren’t terrific. For myself and many others though, summer does mean festivals, and if we’re honest, festivals are great. They are in my opinion, the best place to experience music. One off gig’s are great, and… Read More ›


Let Me Introduce You To… Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!

Today I want to introduce you to a band with a very interesting, unique and fantastic name: Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! The trio from central Italy is quite well-known in Italy; they play Indie Rock songs with a few Punk influences. Vocalist and guitarist Diego Maciotti, bassist Giovanna Vedovati, and her drumming brother Nicola founded… Read More ›

Turbo Fruits

Let Me Introduce You To… Turbo Fruits

I came across the band Turbo Fruits for the first time in 2010, when they supported Band of Skulls, my favourite band. It was a very grey and cold day and the people in the audience were quite bored and not very happy. However, things changed, when Jonas Stein (vocals, guitar and former member of… Read More ›

Tandem Felix

Let Me Introduce You To… Tandem Felix

Tandem Felix are a four-piece band from Dublin, Ireland. I first heard their name over two years ago; a friend of mine had mentioned them on a number of occasions, but for some reason, I never really checked out their music. At the time, I was pretty big into post-rock, so it’s possible that I… Read More ›

Race the Flux

Let Me Introduce You To… Race the Flux

Race the Flux are an electronic rock four piece, based in Galway, Ireland. Easily one of my favorite live bands, I’ve seen them four or five times in the past year, and they just get better every time. Their music seamlessly blends elements of dance music and math rock, with soaring vocals, sublime instrumentation, and… Read More ›