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My Influences: Jake Thackray – Leeds’ very own Chansonnier Charmer

April 10, 2013

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised Matt Abbott: Don’t worry, I’m not ranting this week. With us releasing the album on Monday, I’ve spent a lot of time speaking about it in interviews recently; who influenced it, when we wrote it, the stories behind songs and all of the usual angles that you expect… Read More ›

Skint & Demoralised: Love Music, Hate Racism

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised Matt Abbott: On Thursday night, in my humble home city of Wakefield, I was spoken word compère at a benefit gig for the Mid-Yorks NHS strike fund. This was organised by Unison, the large trade union, and as always the crowd was full of political activists, punk fans… Read More ›

Baxter Dury’s bearing on ‘The Bit Between The Teeth’

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised Matt Abbott: It was August 2012 when I first listened to ‘Happy Soup’ by Baxter Dury. It was late at night and I was stumbling from track to track on Spotify, trying to find something new that’d grab me. For some reason or another it just wasn’t happening,… Read More ›

MiNI dOG Production Notes- “The Bit Between The Teeth”

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised MiNI dOG: 1. AMORES PERROS This is a piece of music I’ve been playing around with for a few years. It all started with the drum loop. I’ve never spent so much time programming a drum pattern before. My idea was to create an almost James Brown type… Read More ›

The Queen of Chelsea, and Her Glorious Reign!

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised Matt Abbott: With just under two weeks to go until the single release, I guess it’s about time that we revealed the B-Side to ‘Breakfast at Sylvia’s’; and where better place to do so than AMBY? The track is called ‘The Queen of Chelsea’. It’s a very simple… Read More ›

Inspirations: Solitude and Songwriting Beside the North Sea

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised Matt Abbott: Yesterday I made the short walk into my local town of Ossett because I needed to pop into the Post Office for a few things; one package to send and one to collect. Anyway, not the most exhilarating of journeys I’m sure you’ll agree. But as… Read More ›

Penned: Breakfast at Sylvia’s

Let’s Get Lost w/ Skint & Demoralised Penned (Hand-Written Lyrics by S&D): Breakfast at Sylvia’s S&D talk about the inspirations behind their latest track Breakfast at Sylvia’s! *** This is probably one of the simplest lyrics I’ve ever written, and for several reasons I think it’s probably one of my favourites because it’s very personal… Read More ›

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Brand new Skint & Demoralised video!

AMBY are absolutely honoured and pleased to host the world exclusive release of Skint & Demoralised’s brand new video for Breakfast at Sylvia’s! It’s a very exciting time for not only the band, but also us fans. So to keep this excitement rolling into future days, AMBY has teamed up with the band, forming a… Read More ›