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Mary and Jon

“Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless” Play AMBY A Song!

June 19, 2013

We admire everything about Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless’ music. From the subtle yet infectious twang Jon carries in his voice, to Mary’s powerful vocals with an astonishing range, it’s hard to not be impressed with (and love) these two. We hope that when you watch this exclusive video, you enjoy it as much as we… Read More ›

This Harbour

“This Harbour” Play AMBY A Song!

Our friend Nathan Olmstead welcomes everyone into his world of This Harbour! That world includes some beautifully melodic and mellow songs, along with great harmonies and vocals you’ll enjoy. This video also features Serra Jade’s debut in This Harbour, so welcome her aboard and enjoy This Harbour as they play AMBY a song! This Harbour-… Read More ›

The Vibe

“The Vibe” Play AMBY A Song!

I’m pretty sure we’ve made it clear that we’re big fans of alternative-Britpop group The Vibe! Soon to release their new EP EYES on July 13th, we thought the timing was perfect to show everyone this band’s talent! Have a look as The Vibe give AMBY an exclusive video of their track lovely Wise Man!… Read More ›


“The Thespians” Play AMBY A Song!

Comprised of a family of amazing people— Paul Thespian, Jessie Thespian, Phill Thespian, and Mark Thespian—this band is creating powerful garage-pop that’s easy to admire and take a liking to. On AMBY we write about the bands who inspire us, interest us, and who we love. When it comes to The Thespians, they entice all… Read More ›

Alistair Sheerin

“Alistair Sheerin” Plays AMBY A Song… Again!

The star is back on AMBY for round two! As you know, AMBY was so excited the first time Ali played us a song– so, when we found out he played a track for us a second time, you can only guess how stoked we were. Alistair Sheerin is an artist you must get acquainted… Read More ›


“Plum” Plays AMBY A Song!

We’re excited to have Plum Play AMBY A Song. Being the first female to ever win a Scottish Alternative Music Award, we’re also honoured to show everyone this fantastic video. So, have a look, as the lovely Shona Maguire plays AMBY a brand-new exclusive song! Plum- Death Comes With A Bow Interview // Facebook //… Read More ›

The Darlingtons

“The Darlingtons” Play AMBY A Song!

The harmonies in this video are striking, and The Darlingtons have shown in recordings and this video that they have some incredibly natural vocal chops. We love this band and the members, and we bet you will too! So have a look and listen as The Darlingtons play AMBY a song! Interview // Facebook //… Read More ›


“Mendream” Play AMBY A Song!

It’s pretty brilliant how the internet allows AMBY to feature bands from all over the world. Take Mendream, for example; a band  we luckily met who have a great sound hailing from all the way in Russia! Mendream’s Denis Mendreliouk took the time to play AMBY a song, so have a look at their great… Read More ›

Alistair Sheerin

“Alistair Sheerin” Plays AMBY A Song!

It was months ago when we first crossed paths with Alistair Sheerin. One of the first things that attracted us to him was how natural his voice and music was– now, fast-forward a few months and Ali is playing AMBY a song! What we love best is how in this video you’ll be able to… Read More ›

Chris Stringer

“Chris Stringer” Plays AMBY A Song!

Our talented buddy Chris Stringer shows AMBY an exclusive of his new track Just Once. After interviewing Chris, we’ve grown to love his music even more, so this Play AMBY A Song is one we’re excited to share. Have a look below and discover the lovely Chris Stringer! Chris Stringer- Just Once Interview // Facebook… Read More ›