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You’ve GOT to See This: “Fossil Dreams”

June 20, 2013

March of the Real Fly’s Camm Crew: Fossil Dreams is the first track off our latest self titled EP, its our shortest song to date at 80 seconds long. Its a song about dreaming/wanting of the way things used to be, but not being able to recreate it. The video is basically a dream. It… Read More ›


You’ve GOT To See This: “Still Life”

Appletree’s Andrés Cárdenas: This video was made by our friend Gabriel Muelle who followed us with his camera for a couple of weeks in Bogotá. He put some shots together and then put everything in a VHS tape. How cool is that? We can relate the aesthetic of the video with that of Sebadoh’s Rebound… Read More ›

First Rate People

You’ve GOT To See This: “Dark Age”

First Rate People’s Jon Lawless: Recorded on the waterfront in Hamilton, Ontario (just a little east of Toronto) we had the idea to starkly contrast the pop/r’n’b side of the tune with something significantly more melancholic and peaceful. This is footage from the actual take we used in the song shot by our good friend and… Read More ›


You’ve GOT To See This: “Find Your Feet”

Mirage: Find Your Feet is a short story about a boy who was given a life map as a young boy, he sets out to complete 4 tasks on the map in hope of finding his inner self. *** Getting Cozy With // Facebook // Twitter // BandCamp // Mirage- Find Your Feet Alicia Atout

Chemical Smile

You’ve GOT To See This: “BeelzeBop”

Chemical Smile: We are Chemical Smile and welcome to our world, we hope you enjoy your stay. This is a video we made for our song BeelzeBop. We hope it doesn’t make too much sense. Love to all. *** Interview // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Alicia Atout

The New Union

You’ve GOT To See This: “Staying Friends”

The New Union: The song is a love story about failed relationships. We filmed this video in the middle of nowhere at 5am in the morning and it was the best experience ever! We got to spend the whole day with some owls, what more could you ask for. *** Interview // Facebook // Twitter… Read More ›

Wild Swim

EXCLUSIVE NEW VIDEO: Wild Swim – “Slowing Down”

Slowing Down by Wild Swim The wonderful Wild Swim have just released a brand-new video! Slowing Down is the b-side to their stellar single Another Night. After interviewing the band and finding out what they’re all about, AMBY was thrilled to hold this exclusive. So, if you want a new song to love, and unique… Read More ›

You’ve GOT To See This: “Heavy & Wet”

We are Archi Deep and the Monkeyshakers and what we want is to rock and groove to roll ! Get this ! Like this ! Smash this ! Like us : facebook.com/archideephimself Hell yeaah ! -Deep (frontman) *** Getting Cozy With // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud // YouTube // Alicia Atout

You’ve GOT To See This: “Responsibility”

Ben Wuyts: Here is a behind the scenes peek at our upcoming single – Responsibility. Filmed at Paul Lincke Studio in Kreuzberg – Berlin, it’s a nice little look into what we’re up to at the moment. We’ll be releasing the tune in May. Hope you enjoy it! *** Getting Cozy With // Facebook //… Read More ›

You’ve GOT To See This: “Maybe When I Get A Bit Older”

Hello to readers of ‘A Music Blog, Yea?’ This is Daniel from The Stagger Rats here to introduce the video for our next single ‘Maybe When I Get A Bit Older’. The song is about personal expectations I suppose, about putting a stop to the nonsense of youth and the fact that it’s not always… Read More ›